image showing counties ncec serves Navarro, Hill, Freestone, Limsestone and Ellis
Step 1
The first step in obtaining electric service is to contact our Member Service
Department by phone at 903-874-7411 or in person at our office at
3800 West Highway 22 in Corsicana. Our Member Service Representatives
(MSR) will help get your new account set up and discuss deposits or other
service requirements.  At this time we will work with you to collect information and
determine your service needs, whether it be to transfer an existing electric service location
into your name, or if you need a new line constructed.  We can also provide payment
options such as bank draft or credit card.
"Your Rights as a Customer"

Save time on account setup!!
Download a copy of our Customer Information Form and Membership Form and complete
them before you call us.  If you need new power line construction you will also need a
Right-of-Way Easement Form.
These forms can be faxed, mailed or emailed into our
office along with payment of the appropriate basic fees - although all legal,
signature required forms will need to be mailed into the office.
New Service Forms
Construction Forms
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First things first - Welcome to our area!
We look forward to serving you as a
member-owner of the Cooperative!
Where to Start?
What are the fees?
The basic fees are a $10.00 membership fee, a $90.00 connect fee for residential services or
a $97.43 connect fee for non-residential services.  Deposits may be required and should be
discussed with a MSR, although a letter of credit from a like utility can be presented in lieu of
a deposit if the account has a good credit rating.
Step 2
Once you have applied for service, and it is determined new construction is needed at your
site, contact one of our Staking Technicians for information or to set up an appointment to meet
at your site. Our Staking Technicians can advise you on the following:

»The placement of electric equipment necessary to provide service;
»Locations of other utilities that the electric lines need to cross;
         to help us avoid your buried equipment. (personal water lines, septic lines,
         sprinkler systems, etc.)
»Completing a Right-of-Way Easement Form, right-of-way / service access issues        
»Meter loops.  See meter loop diagrams on the engineering page»
   »Completing the Overhead Information Form
»Completing the Underground Information Form

Coordinating these items is critical to insure we exceed your expectations when we build your
new service. We work hard to simplify this part of the process by making the Staking Tech the
only contact you need to get your electric service lines installed.  
Residential service size options shown below are a starting point for planning and are
approximate, and may need to be increased based on the home's location, equipment, and a/c-heating

» 200 Amp        -Typical for homes under 3500 square feet
» 320/400 Amp - Typical for homes under 6000 square feet
» 600 Amp        - For homes up to around 14,000 square feet. (Call office for more information)
» Larger still?    - Call the office for additional information
Step 3
If you are planning a new home or business which needs electric lines built, our professional crews will do
their best to build the lines as designed while minimizing the impact to your property.  Their attention to
detail helps assure reliable service to you.  Because our crews are careful not to damage your property,
the weather will at times cause delays in the construction time.  When the ground is soft and muddy our
heavy trucks can make a tremendous mess of your property which is costly to repair and damaging to our
equipment as well. Construction time is lengthened by wet conditions, so call the construction department
for an update on your construction schedule after storms or rains come through. Take a look at our
job scheduling procedures.
Street Lighting
Barn/Yard Lighting