"Super Energy Saver" School Programs
Navarro County Electric is making it easier for area schools to teach about electricity, the
history of electric cooperatives and energy efficiency through the "Super Energy Saver"
Classroom Kits.  

The kids "Super Energy Saver" school program featuring CFL Charlie, Touchstone Energy
Cooperatives energy-efficiency mascot, is ready to head into classrooms and help educate kids
about co-ops, energy efficiency, renewable energy and electricity safety.

The classroom kits, designed for grades K through 5 are packed with material that will teach
kids how to become "Super Energy Savers" at home.  The kits provide take-home checklists
that walk kids and parents through their home identifying energy-saving practices, Super
Energy Saver certificates signed by CFL Charlie, activity sheets, folders, and CFL Charlie
switch plate covers that remind kids to turn off the lights when not in use.

Kits have been delivered to Corsicana, Mildred, Dawson, Frost, Blooming Grove, Fairfield and
Palmer elementary schools by Member Service Representatives Laura Brooks and Yoli Gamez.
Cartoon image of CFL Charlie
Corsicana Elementary
Lori Haynie
Curiculum Administrator
Dawson Elementary
Tana Wade - Teacher and
Sheryl Bragg - Counselor
Palmer Elementary
Candy Bar - Receptionist
and students
Fairfield Elementary
Glisa DeFrance -
Here are some pics from the
classrooms.  Thanks again
for providing the
materials for our kids.  
These are 4th graders from
Navarro Elementary.

Lori Haynie
Coordinator of Elementary
Math and Science
Corsicana ISD
Navarro Elementary 4th graders with Touchstone classroom kits.
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