Operation Round Up®
Give a little. Help a lot. Neighbors helping neighbors with spare change.
Beginning in January 2009 Navarro County Electric Cooperative members are
automatically included in Operation Round-Up®, however if a member does not wish
to participate they just need to call the co-op at 1-903-874-7411, email us at
msdept@navarroec.com or go »»»
here to opt out. A member may choose to
discontinue their contribution at any time. The co-op will remove members at their
request, but will not be able to refund contributions made up to that time.

What is most rewarding about the concept of Operation Round-Up® is that it is an
extension of the concept of neighbor helping neighbor that built our electric
cooperative. Operation Round- Up® helps co-op consumers reach out to worthy
causes in their communities and work together to help others.
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One of the main characteristics of the Cooperative family is our relationship with the
communities that we serve. We have a responsibility to the members in our service
area that goes beyond just providing reliable electric power.

That is why we are so pleased to share with you the details of an exciting community
service program called Operation Round-Up®.

Simply stated, Operation Round-Up® gathers voluntary contributions from
participating co-op consumers by “rounding up” their monthly bills to the next dollar.
For example, a consumer’s monthly bill of $32.73 would be automatically rounded up
to $33.00, with the additional 27 cents going to the Operation Round-Up fund -
resulting in an average donation of roughly six dollars ($6.00) per year, which will
be distributed to worthy Cooperative service area charitable causes.
Operation Round Up® Board & Grant Recipients for 2009-2019
The Navarro County Electric Cooperative, Inc. Board of Directors, appointed the following community leaders to
the Advisory Board of Operation Round Up:

Lindy Shaw – Manager of Administrative Services
Manager of Administrative Services- Navarro County Electric Cooperative

Mark Rash – Member Services Manager
Member Services Manager - Navarro County Electric Cooperative

Connie Sheffield – Board Member
Teacher - Teague ISD

The Operation Round Up Advisory Board meets quarterly on the first Monday of the month.  Applications should
be either mailed or presented at the Co-op two weeks prior to the Advisory Board meeting date.

Future Advisory Board Meeting Dates

March 5, 2019             June 4, 2019            September 3, 2019            December 3, 2019
Deadline for applications for above meeting dates are:
February 22, 2019         May 24, 2019              August 23, 2019              November 22, 2019
Eula Linicomn, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club
of Navarro County (BGCNC), receives a $2500.00 grant from
Billy Jones, Manager/CEO of Navarro County Electric
Cooperative, Inc. and a representative for Operation Round Up.
The BGCNC provides life-changing programs that focus on
character, leadership, education, health, life skills and much
more for area children.
Billy Jones, Manager/CEO of Navarro County Electric
Cooperative, Inc. and a representative for Operation Round Up,
presents Pauletta Hines, Director of Community Services of
Navarro County, with a $2500.00 grant from Operation Round
Up. Community Services is dedicated to reducing the causes of
poverty with direct and support services including energy
Jamie Kitchens, Executive Director of the Camp of the Rising Sun,
accepts a $5000.00 grant from Billy Jones, Manager/CEO of
Navarro County Electric and a representative of Operation Round Up.  
The Camp of the Rising Sun is a non-profit charitable organization
benefiting special needs children of Navarro and Freestone County.
Total grants since program inception are $728,146.00 as of December 2018
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NOTE:  All applications must be
turned in 10 days before the
meeting dates listed below