Distributed Generation
photo of windmill and solar panels in conjunction with distribtued generation information
The purpose of this Distributed Generation Procedures and Guidelines Manual for Members
to provide procedures, guidelines and requirements for a Member to install and connect
to the Cooperative’s electric distribution system certain electric generation facilities
described and referred to as “Distributed Generation”.  The Member is required to submit
an application, fulfill the requirements set forth in the DG Manual, and execute an
agreement with the Cooperative prior to connecting the Member’s Distributed Generation
facilities to the Cooperative’s electric distribution system. This manual is for informational
purposes only.  To connect your system to the Cooperative's electrical distribution please
download and complete the
Distributed Generation Short Form Contract and DG Rider
and bring it into the office for execution by Cooperative management.

The Cooperative reserves the right to revise and amend this Manual from time to time.
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