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PLEASE NOTE:  To report a power outage after hours please call 903-874-7411 and our answering service will
dispatch your outage to our on-duty crews.  Please do not report a power outage by email as our business email is

only monitored during normal business hours.
No matter the cause of an outage - weather, accidents or maintenance work - NCEC, Inc. does its best to minimize any
inconvenience to our members and attempts to restore electric service as soon as possible.  NCEC, Inc. is dedicated to
providing the most reliable power supply possible. Although, if your electric power goes off, please follow these tips:
Power Outage Information
Check the fuses or circuit breakers in your home and/or on your meter poles to determine if the problem is yours.

Check to see if your neighbors have power. This aids NCEC in determining whether the trouble is caused by a
transformer serving your home, or is more general in nature.

When reporting an outage to NCEC, give the person taking the call
the name that appears on the bill and the
account number (so that we can locate you more quickly).  A 911 address can also assist our outage personnel..

To report an outage, call Member Services at
1-903-874-7411 or 1-800-771-9095 between 8:00 a.m.and 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday. After hours call our answering service at
1-903-874-7411 and they will contact our duty crews.

If you have any information regarding the cause of the outage such as tree limbs on power lines, broken poles, etc.
report that information as well. This will help speed up the restoration of your service.

When we have all the necessary information in hand to determine the nature of the outage we try to inform our

if there is a known outage in the area, a scheduled outage, or if a crew has been dispatched or is already working on

One other major concern for a utility is the use of backup generators by members during outages which are
improperly connected.  In order to safely operate generators the customer must first disconnect from the utility

system by means of a disconnect installed on the member side of the meter base.  If not disconnected from the utility
system, there is the potential for damage to the generator and/or injury to utility personnel working on the system.  
If you are considering installing a backup generator please give us a call to discuss installation requirements.