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Employee Toy Drive - Christmas Holiday
Pictured left to right are NCEC Employees Charlotte Weaver,
Jennifer Wolver,Mark Rash, Imelda Sanchez, Joey Richards, Nonnie
Farmer and LaWanda Taylor
Employee Food Drive - Thanksgiving Holiday
Pictured are NCEC Employees Mark Rash and Maria Hernandez

The Navarro County Electric Cooperative's
Employee Thanksgiving Food Drive was a
success.  Employees collected an assortment of
food items for the Helping Hand Food Bank.

Happy Holidays!
Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Navarro County
"Owned by those we serve"

Navarro County Electric Cooperative celebrated a
successful Christmas Toy Drive as employees banded
together to collect toy items for the Salvation Army.  
Cooperatives work for the development of the
communities they serve through participation in those

      Happy Holidays!
Christmas wreath
image of cornucopia in realtion to coop food drive